Our farm is registered organic with the Organic Food Federation.

Growing organically means;

  • No use of chemical fertilisers
  • No use of chemical pesticides

All of our crops are planted, weeded, tended and harvested by hand to ensure the very best quality products.

Organic produce tastes better, is better for you and is best for the environment. Our produce is fertilised by the Forge Farm bees and other insects. We use natural ‘muck’ to fertilise the fields and weed by hand with hoe and rotivator, so we don’t need chemical weed killers.

We endure that some of our crops will be munched by ‘others’ – slugs, birds and small mammals to name a few! We provide and protect habitats to ensure the diversity of wildlife around us, which improves the flavour and taste of our products.

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Organic Growing
Organic Growing