Forge Farm
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Forge Farm is a five acre organic registered farm in rural Oxfordshire. Our main produce are pumpkin and squash which are supplied to a wide range of pubs, restaurants and organic shops in London. We also grow organic high quality hay which is supplied to local stables. The farm is owned and run by Greg and Kate Klaes. Greg and Kate firmly believe in the ethics of sustainability and the farm is environmentally friendly.

Forge Farm History

The Klaes family bought and moved to Forge Farm in 1981. The Klaes family consists of Greg, Kate and their daughter, Sarah. The five acres of farm land had been used as pasture for many years. There was also a derelict threshing barn and outbuildings which once formed part of the larger Oathill farm. The Klaes family applied for planning permission to convert the barns into a house and began farming the land whilst living on board their canal narrow baot "Katharine" which was moored at the farm on the adjacent Oxford canal. It took several years to gain planning permission during which time the barns were retured to their former use and the family began growing.

The ethics of Greg and Kate, right from the beginning have been to farm 'as close to nature as possible' which means they began organic farming from stage one and long before it became 'fashionable'.

Over the years, the farm developed. They have grown an orchard of apples, pears and plums which are used to make jam and cider. They planted and grown a spinney of native trees, including many oak trees which were grown by children in the classroom of Greg who was a science teacher in a local school as his 'day job'. They have always had chickens for eggs and an ample veggie patch. Sarah grew up, got married to Jonathan and had a baby boy, Gabriel. So the family grows.

Today, Forge Farm continues to grow organic pumpkins, squash and hay. They are registered with the Organic Food Federation.